Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me!


1. Mr. Incredible and I did not leave the windows open last night only to have the temperature plumet to 39 degrees and cool the house down to about 58.

2. I did not think of getting rid of all the animals we have brought home and try to return to a more normal simple way of life this week.

3. I did not think my Nator was being so well behaved in the nursery yesterday only to find out they had taken him way back to the bathroom so I couldn't hear his screaming. Thanks guys for letting me hear the sermon!

3b. When the nursery worker asked Boo boo princess how you get My Nator to calm down she did not answer by saying "nurse him."

4. There are NOT 3 more days until Moosekat is 7 and 6 days until My Nator is 1.

5. I did not consider snooping for my Christmas present just because I know where it is. If you'll read my Christmas questionere post I specifically mentioned that all I wanted for Christmas is a surprise and if I snoop I will ruin the surprise. (Don't worry Mr. I I didn't snoop!)

6. I did not see a green shirt with woodland creatures holding signs that said "Texas Public Radio" "Likes You" yesterday. Sorry but that was just weird! (I found a picture of the shirt which can be yours for a donation of $60 to Texas Public Radio)
That sounds like enough confessing for now! Check out Mckmama's crew for more confessions!


amanda said...

love the honesty of you baby girl! :0)

Candie said...

Thanks so much for your comment. It brightened my day. I am a seminarian and will will ordained in the Methodist Church. I feel like I am a lone-duck admist people on this blog because of my progressive views, but it's nice that they are validated every once in a while.

your kids sound adorable.

Jill said...

Found you through Mck mama....
Happy Birthday to your two little ones!
Was it not freezing in Texas this week? We've only finally started to thaw out!