Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy Fashion

The Grammies are set to begin in about an hour (I think). I'll be watching it, but for the fashion not for the awards.

So as I was cooking pancakes in my jamies for my kids this evening I was thinking about a very fortunate friend, A, who is working in LA towards a career in TV and Film. She recently posted pictures of herself with a couple of celebrities. And she, like the poised and confident individual that she is, doesn't bat and eye at the presence of stardom!

Thinking about A hanging with celebrities like it was no big thing combined with thoughts of the upcoming fashion show (aka Grammies) gave me a fantastic idea!

What if celebs commissioned average joe dressmakers/designers to come up with their outfits for anything from award shows to every day wear? This could have great potential really!

They would be creating jobs in America, helping small business owners (who would be buying their supplies in America), boosting the economy, and likely getting a lot of attention for doing good!

The benefit to the wearer would be great too. They would get one on one personal attention for them and their dress. Attention to detail would be incredible. As a dressmaker I am super vigilant with any garment I make for a customer. If I were to ever make something I knew was going to be photographed, or on T.V. you better believe it would look perfect!

Of course they would want quality designers and they can find them among the non famous! I work for just such a dressmaker!

So what do you say rich and famous? Are you willing to give the working class designers a try, help out our economy in a time of need, and look fabulous doing it?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All dressed up with somewhere to go.

My friend J and I went to a concert the other night. The first in a loooonnnnggg time for me.

The name of the band was Samantha Finlay and the Love Liberation Army. If the name says anything you can tell it was kind of a hippie resurgence band:o) Seems appropriate considering our economy. Anyway if you wore a flower in your hair you got in free, so we did!

J's very talented cousin owns a photography business with her husband. It's called Outlaw Photography. She took this picture for us.

I had a blast bringing out my inner hippie and wearing my new Modcloth dress.

Thanks Samantha and LLA for a great time! I look forward to coming out and seeing you guys again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sew Much Ado Ruby Lou Doll AND Pattern GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I attempted to make a doll for a charity didn't turn out. It wasn't scary or anything, it just didn't look right. I'd really enjoy having a pattern for one of these snuggly customizable dolls!

Sew Much Ado Ruby Lou Doll AND Pattern GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Can red strawberry blonde orange haired people wear red?

Undoubtedly Julianne Moore looks fabulous here, in red. But she's closer to an auburn than an orange, as I like to describe my color.

And of course Amy Adams is smokin! But again, she sports a darker hue of red.

Here Jessica Rabbit is sporting a more orange tone, and looks well... like someone should get her a jacket and some sweat pants just fine.

But in reality, can a true orange wear red? I have been contemplating making myself a sheath style dress like this one for Valentines day.

A quote from the "You look Fab" blog says "In reality ”red” hair is more orange than red and these two colours (red and orange) work beautifully together. It’s much like mixing red and orange tulips in the same vase"

What say you? Will red make me look like a beautifully manicured garden of red and orange tulips or a color blind leprechaun?

Update: when I said a sheath style dress "like this one" I was NOT referring to the dress Jessica Rabbit is wearing. There is a link to a simplicity pattern!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Clothing Swap?

I've been following a simply fabulous blog called "What I Wore" . Jessica takes a picture of what she wears each day and posts it on her blog. She experiments with different pieces and comes up with some really great looks. I love that she is bold in her choices and wears what pleases her with confidence.

She has been a great inspiration to me. Her latest blog post has me excited about possibilities! She did a clothing swap with a fellow blogger. She sent several items from her closet to see how her blogger buddy could put them together for her own look.

A clothing swap! What a neat idea! You get something new to you for just the cost of shipping something you aren't wearing to the other person.

I'd love to hook up with someone and do a little swapping!

Monday, January 11, 2010


While out at my favorite craft store today I picked up a sketch book. I have middle of the night epiphanies that simply must be written down.

The other night a vision came to me of a fabulous not to fancy, very original, but keeping with the current fashions dress. I've yet to sketch it, but I will.

The problem is though, that I do not have good drawing skills. My dad is a cabinet maker. His math and drawing skills are superior to my own. My brother is a graphic artist, and a very good one at that.

I got the short end of the stick when it comes to proportionate drawings. So, my dream tool is one of these:

Do not be fooled, this is no ordinary notebook! I has 34 pages of instructional information followed by 130 female figure templates. The figures are traceable and plain so it is easy to draw over them, making it look like you've mastered the art of fashion sketching. Fashionary is actually quite well priced for what you get.

If you too have been looking for the tools to sketch out your design ideas, check out Fashionary by fashionaryonline at Etsy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


My mom was the lucky and willing (well I think mostly willing) recipient of a full style makeover for a local magazine Moxie!

The big reveal was tonight. It was very "What Not To Wear" style. A bunch of her co-workers showed up to surprise her, and I'm so glad they came!

I concluded that I could not go to this event looking less than fabulous as there would be lots of picture taking with my mom. So I called upon the help of a very gifted friend for a mini style makeover myself.

Here is the result...well sort of. I changed the hosiery to a standard pair of nude color.

If you want to see my mom's fabulous transformation, look for February's issue of Moxie Magazine.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm in a sewing funk today. I have some alterations that I'm not to excited about doing and frankly I just want to sew something new!

Normally I love doing alterations and it's not bad that I get paid for it:o) But today, it's not so much fun.

I miss my mentor. I haven't gotten to work with her since September as she had emergency heart surgery. I miss her wisdom and guidance. There is so much I have to learn about being a seamstress and a dressmaker.

After I get this weeks alterations out I think I'll get started on the dress I wanted to make for myself. That would make me feel more inspired.

I still need to take pictures of Boo boo princess in her Kyoko dress by Patty Young and post some pictures of the things I made for family for Christmas. I think my mom really like the table runners I made her. They're reversible. I made two one with Winter and Fall and one with Spring and summer patterns on them. I made my first mens shirt for Mr. Incredible, but I got the buttons and pocket on the wrong side...I want to make another attempt at that.

Well that's all for now folks!