Friday, June 27, 2008

Lesson One

A common housewife in the season of mothering young children (ages 6 months, almost 3, and 6) does not have time to create and maintain a blog. Though she will certainly try. Why? So that other women in this season of life, or about to be in this season of life, or just past this season of life, can reflect on the commonality we all share.

7:20AM - woken up by my almost 3 year old announcing daddy is taking her to get donuts.
7:21AM - the baby managed to sleep through the announcement - mom is awarded a few more minutes sleep.
7:45AM - the 3 year old has returned and announces from the front door "mom we got you a donut." Still the baby sleeps (amazingly) but the mom is up for sure.
8:00 - after eating donuts mom and 3 year old look through websites for fairy party ideas for her upcoming birthday.
8:20 - 6 year old wakes up, 3 year old again announces "we got you a donut," now baby is awake as well.
8:30 - Mom thinks she'll get started on that blog while the baby sucks on his toes and the almost 3 year old sings made up songs to him.

See our lives aren't so different.