Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gotta Love my Nator!

My Nator is at a favorite stage of mine (minus the tantrums and not sitting still in a high chair or grocery basket). His new cutest quirk is his love of all things Papa (that's our word for Grandpa).

Yesterday at dinner he pointed up to the TV at the restaurant which of course was showing Michael Jackson (may he RIP). He looked straight at me and said "Papa?", not Papa, but close!

Whenever a helicopter, or large truck passes by making that all familiar vroom sound Nator will look at me and say "Papa?" Sigh, no Nator, a helicopter.

If I so much as look at my shoes he runs to get his screaming "Papa, Papa, Papa" all the way.

If we go in the car somewhere, when we get back home he leaps out of the car, points at the house down the hill and says "Papa?" Yes Nator, that's where he lives but he's at work.

Should Nator hear a tractor (more recently a Mule work truck) or worse yet see one, there is no end to the squealing, giggling, and laughing that follows. At least not until I inform him that it is either a) not Papa or b) he's not coming to get him.

And, just now when Nator arrived on my door step, dropped off by none other than Papa, there were tears to be had while he sobbed "P---a---p---a" as he drove away.

I love you sweet boy, and you are so fortunate to have such a neat Papa


So I hit it big at the thrift store yesterday with a dress I just couldn't wait to refashion. This dress looks to me like it is newer and probably actually a current style, but since this was my first real refashion I didn't want to go too crazy.
Here's the original dress:

First I ripped off the sleeves (I know it sounds violent, but I literally ripped out the stitching):

Then I trimmed 2 1/4" off the bottom and cut the existing hem off of the piece I had just cut:

I used the piece of fabric I had cut from the bottom (with the hem removed) as bias tape to seal the raw edges of the arms. *Note When I did this it created an outward pull on the arm hole and too much of a gap under the arm. I folded over a little fabric under the arm, and tacked it down.

Next I cut two small slits in the back of the dress and used the hem piece I had cut off to tie a knot through the slits. This offered a little more shape to the front. It should be noted that this is not my idea. I got this idea from Jona of Stop Staring Start Sewing. Then I sewed in the tie by sewing the opening of the slits closed with the tie through it.

Here's the finished dress:


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boojiboo Flirty Apron GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Can I add a back to this and wear it as a dress? Seriously these are too cute to be wasted on spaghetti sauce.

Boojiboo Flirty Apron GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Baptize you my son...

This Sunday Moosekat will be Baptized in a local river by his father. 

His Baptism is so important for so many reasons.

He is affirming his faith in Christ. It is HIS faith, not mine, not Mr. Incredible's. He has asked for two years now if he could be baptized and even after we agreed it was time, he had to wait another two months for us to get our acts together and get it planned. He has prayed diligently for this day. He has prayed about the location (whether at our church baptismal or in a public location), he has prayed about his fears of going under water, he has prayed about the meaning of this event and he has asked God to be glorified above all else. This kid is SEVEN!

He will be publicly baptized so that we are sharing our faith and God's truth with whomever may happen to be at the river that day as well as our families and church family who we have invited. His dad will have the honor of baptizing him as one so deeply and personally invested in Moosekat's spiritual walk. And we will enjoy a feast afterwards. A celebration of the freedom we have in Christ and the faith he has given us. 

I can not tell you all the significance of a Baptism, but I know that Moosekat's will be a beautiful God honoring time. I am so overcome with joy that my God has blessed my son with a real a personal faith! To God be the glory!

(Oh yeah and there will be cake!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Will sew for boys!

I finished sewing my first boy item today. I am very pleased and looking forward to using this pattern from Weekend Sewing again!

It's a little big but that just means room for growth. 

I love the retroish fabric from Hancock. It's very soft. Next I think I'll try Robots by David Walker

Thoughtless Thursday

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday and another summer frock

1. I am not a quarter of a century old today and I do not still feel about 18.

2. When asked if I get carded often, by our waitress yesterday, I did not respond with " No I usually have kids with me". 

3. I did not complete another fun summer dress in which I did not post pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

4. I did not have a dream last night that I met Patty Young and she invited me over for leftovers.

5. I did not convince Mr. Incredible to buy a "Texas Tea Bucket" of his own.

6. I did not see a lady clean out her car in the drive through and throw all of the trash right out of her window on the ground. I did not consider getting out to pick it up right in front of her. I was not to chicken to do it. So Mr. Incredible did not go so far as to put his hand on the door handle before I told him not to do it. I am not feeling like I should have picked up the trash. I did not secretly wish there was a cop around to issue her a $500 fine for littering.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just wanted to let you know...

...Life is just peachy!


I think this company is brillant! I so wish I could afford their clothes!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My "Texas Tea Bucket"

Well you see, for a long time (maybe ever since I was born) Bill Miller has been a common but distant memory. Someone in my life has always had a cup. There was a Bill Miller just up the road from the church my grandpa pastored. But, we never ate there. I didn't like sweet tea much, however, the cup seemed like such a treasured possesion. It was present at most gatherings and it's awful tan and orange color scheme was instantly recognizable. The words "Texas Tea Bucket" could create an urgent need to pee and you could recognize the owner by the color of lip stick stained around the spout. For years I was uninterested in this elite membership but since Bill Miller has found themselves worthy of Seguin I too have added my mark (shinny translucent pink) around the mouth hole of a "Texas Tea bucket"... if you'll excuse me I need to pee.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Almost Forgot! - Dress Drawing

I almost forgot to draw for the winner of the pink dress.

Congratulations...Mr Incredible? Yep, generated #6 which was Mr. Incredible's comment. So he'd better get busy on a making a little girl to fit that dress or protect his youngest son from him mommy;o)