Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have new projects to post about.

I finished a shirt to go under my suit for the banquet I am M.C. for this week. I'm going to wait until Friday to post pictures of the shirt so you can see the complete outfit with hair done and everything instead of a poorly snapped quick shot.

I got the fabric for a 1900's riding Habit for my daughter yesterday and hope to begin construction today. The riding habit will have to be done by the 11th. I may wait to post pics on that as well.

I should be all complete with the colonial costume early next week as it is due in to the fair by the 7th.

I also hope to begin a bolero to go with a crazy corset dress I got and want to wear to the fair.

Until then!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Pleated Poppy GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I love the opportunity to share the talents of stay at home moms. Being a mom is such an important job and I love that we are once again looking to ways to be with our kids and help contribute financially. So check out this giveaway and maybe help support this super talented mom!

The Pleated Poppy GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Some things will never change...
Like how I love my boys!
But other things...

Like how they wear their hair...
Are ever changing expressions of their creativity....
And all around cuteness.
Don't cha think?

The big reveal...well sorta

Here is the entrance to my "sewing room"

The "waiting area". Imagine this as a place for mom or friend to sit as the fitting is taking place.

Here is the desk at which I sew (duh) and my selves for thread, fabric, books, junk.

Here is Ethel, ain't she a beaut! She's a 1950's singer. A lovely piece of machinery and technically my first sewing machine. It was my mother in laws.

Here's Jennifer. She's sleek and new, but her performance does not compare to that of Ethel.

This my friends is Betsy. She is beautiful and wonderful and mine... A most incredible Craigslist purchase. So what if she's already been in to the shop once since I have had her. She is at least 20 years old, beautifully constructed. She and I have and understanding. Leave no seam un-finished!

Here is my lovely, totally awesome, custom made sewing table. The idea for this table was not mine. I took the idea from Mrs. Patty Young. I had my daddy build the table top for me. A better table (at a better price) could not be found!

This mirror is covering a lovely piece of memorabilia left behind by my brother in the years in which this room was his. It's a biohazard symbol. He did a good job painting it, but I didn't want customers to get the wrong idea;o)

Here is a bit more memorabilia. I was probably 12 when I put this puzzle together. My dad sprayed it and mounted it to this piece of wood for me. And there it hangs...still after 12 years.

This is the closet so that I can hang garments waiting to be worked on or already completed. The dress on the outside is the colonial garment I am still working on. The clipboard holds the cards of any customers projects I am currently working on. I am happy to say that I really do have work:o)

This is my prized (new) possession outside of Betsy that is. It is my seamstress grade Sapporo gravity fed steam press iron. I'll tell you a secret. It does magic!

Hmm...seems there was one more picture. The one of tweety bird painted on the door, but well I can't find it so that will have to wait for another post. Well, there you have it. My creative center!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Virtual Variance of Vestiture

I wanted a vest...one to wear over thin shirts so I didn't have to worry about having the right color bra. One that I could throw over a too tight or too short shirt. Something that gave me shape and form. One that Vivaciously Volumized my Voluptuous Vanity...ok, not really but I was going with the V's and yes I know I made up a word.

So here's my new denim vest. Total I spent about $15 on all the materials and if I had sat down and sewn it all in one setting it would have taken me maybe 5 hours.

I never claimed to be a model, so you get what you get:o) Also I haven't finished opening the button holes so I didn't do a view with all the buttons buttoned. Reason for that: you should not use seam rippers or the pinch and cut method to open button holes. It rips the fabric and causes frayed uneven edges. Instead get yourself a pair of button hole scissors (I don't have one yet). They have an open slot towards the back of the scissors that allows you to cut into the button hole without cutting the fabric beyond or behind the button hole. They are also adjustable so you get just the right size cut.

And, here is a sneak peek at the colonial costume. It is coming along quite nicely.

Friday, September 11, 2009

And my next project is...

This fabulous early American costume of course! More specifically the one in the lower right hand corner will be made with reds whites and blues to resemble a Betsy Rossesque period costume.

It's not for me; however if time permits I may try to make view B for myself for the same event. I have made one costume before and other than some misguided cutting on my part it turned out decent...Thanks mom for wearing it even though it had it's flaws! I am a bit more seasoned in the art of sewing now so I am certain this one will be lovely!

Off to cut out pattern pieces!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


I made my first t-shirt today. I bought the fabric at Wally World a while back and it had been calling out my name.

I call this the 70's meets the 80's top. The print is colorfully 70's but the style is undeniably 80's. It has a wide neck line which almost drapes off the shoulders (probably because I made it too big on purpose). Once I find my white camisole (I can never find that thing when I need it) I'll try it on for a better picture.

I actually like it especially for it's vintage appeal. The pattern was very easy. I can see it with a belt around the waist or just draped with an artsy pair of jeans and some it's not fall yet sandals (note to self, buy a pair of sandals).

Anyhow, pictures taken at night don't do justice to anything, but here it is. I promise to post better pictures when I find that darn cami. Until then!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I don't pray for patience as told by Shara in the form of a run on sentence

When I sit down to lunch after serving all the little ones around me I almost immediately receive a request for more of something, drink, food, napkin, ect to which I ponder the thought of telling them they must wait so that I can have a few minutes to eat but I put aside that thought knowing that the empty plate/cup/dirty face will remain that way as long as I procrastinate tending to it, so I instead decide to get up and deal with the issue at hand and most assuredly as I rise from the table, tummy still grumbling, someone (usually someone small) spills the contents of their cup either all over the table threatening the meal of all those surrounding it or on the floor which tilts ever so dramatically towards the east side of the house and the contents of said cup quickly runs under the refrigerator (or point of no return) if not hastily sopped up so I must first deal with the spilt liquids which usually cause me to forget why I got up in the first place but I need not worry about that as the original need will be proclaimed with shrill voices if not tended to in a timely manner so once I have cleaned the mess and poured fresh liquids into the cup of the one who cried mom first I take steps towards my seat in hopes that I might now be nearing nourishment of my own; however, as I sit I realize that I did not in fact refresh the cup that was spilt and the crackers I so lovingly buttered pre serving of the meal are becoming dangerously low in number threatening another need to be met, I decide this time to put aside these needs and aim for a few precious bites, that is when my 7 year old gets up from the table, washes out his own cup, and pours himself a glass of milk without even asking for my help...