Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Site and free stuff!

Ok so I'm gaga for sewing again...for now. I'm enjoying making/selling lovely little things that I can put my creativity into. But I'm really loving all the great new blogs about sewing. They are so much more fun than plain websites because they change daily and they have these great giveaways.

Check out:


She makes these cute reversable outfits out of warm materials and pretty prints.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Yeah it's time again!

1. I did not throw my phone as hard as I could against the bed and then have it fly off onto the floor and the back pop off while throwing a hissy fit the other day. That would be silly to act so childish.

2. My phone did not ring minutes later with the sweet sound of a spirit filled friend calling to let me know I was heavy on her heart and after hearing my tale of unrighteous anger she most certainly did not tell me I needed to think of Christ's suffering and put my own emotions into prospective. I was not convicted and grateful for it.

3. I have not been encouraging boo boo princess to wear her edith twirl skirts every day so that she can show them off. And I would not encourage her to mention (when complemented) that her mommy made them for her.

4. I did not take more than my share of cake home after the birthday party we attended today. That would be selfish and besides the cake was not my absolute most favorite kind of cake with way too much icing.

5. I did not selfishly leave my sick baby home with his daddy so that I could go to church today only to have to come home after Sunday school because he was screaming and throwing up and wouldn't calm down.

6. That same baby did not immediately calm down when I walked in the door and fail to show any more signs of illness or discontentment.

Mckmama may be having a baby this monday so there may not be any "Not Me Monday!" post on her blog, but just in case hop on over and check out some other amusing No Me's!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week in a post

Updated: Just thought I'd mention, that is not my husband in the medieval picture, but rather one of the sweetest and dearest (non related) men I know. Thanks Mr. M for opening your home for our lovely faire!

I didn't manage to post much this week...and I'm not really sure where the week went. But here's the low down...or what I can remember.

I think this event occured Monday evening: Piggy was cleaning out the chicken coop (like a real man, I know I wasn't brave enough) and he came inside to get something. On his way in he noticed that a screw was coming out of the door handle. He promptly asked for a "phillips head screw driver" then he quickly remedied the situation. I decided after all of this "man stuff" he deserved a cold one:

Tuesday night was our twice monthly Bible study. I am really enjoying this time fellowshipping and opening up our home. God is teaching us so much!

Wednesday I finished another twirly skirt which I was going to sell until boo boo princess decided she liked it and wore it out to lunch where I got my first "order" for a skirt.

So the above is what boo boo princess' skirt looked like. That evening I went out to buy material for the ordered skirt which looks very similar to the above. I worked on it Wednesday night and some on Thursday until we left for:
The Medieval Faire. This was a blast! As you can see I dressed up. I had made that dress for my mom to attend a renissance style affair a while back. Boo boo princess was a princess of course and my piggy was a valiant night. Nator...well he had a little "pooh" on his shirt.
So anyway, today I finished the skirt I was making for someone else and shipped it off to it's new owner via my wonderful husband. I hope it is the first of many custom projects to come.

As for now here is a peek at my next project. Boo boo princess chose the fabric but it may be one of my favorites:


Monday, October 20, 2008

In the spirit of not me Monday...

The only thing more irresistable than a chubby red headed baby is a chubby curly red headed baby, and this is "not" one of those:See the curl?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Monday...I mean Not me Monday!

It's not Monday which I think is a perfect time to start the list of things I did not do this week:

1. I did not talk my husband into buying more fabric to make edith twirly skirts. That would be silly as I haven't finished the last one I started and I already had fabric for another one...besides boo boo princess told me "mommy, I don't want any more skirts."

2. I certainly did not make My piggy fall off the pew during church today (he was laying on my lap) and proceed to laugh uncontrollably...and all of this did not occur during the pastor's sermon.

3. Boo boo princess did NOT and I repeat NOT fall out of the living room window earlier this week and hurt her shoulder. That would make her grandparents nervous and angry and cause people to question my parenting. Of course I wasn't so busy doing dishes and cleaning house to notice that she was sitting in the window sill leaning against the screen. I did not feel terrible and worried and scared that she might have broken something (and I really don't mean the window screen).

4. My Nator absolutely positively no questions asked did NOT take his first steps this week. He is entirely way to young for such silliness and you can't convince me otherwise!

Check the other not me gangs at My Charming Kids

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has this every happened to you...no...really?

Has anyone ever called you and said:
"I know someone who is going to terminate the life of their unborn child in x amount of days. Will you pray?"

After a few brief moments of stunned breathlessness I think to myself:
"no it's not the first time this request has been made of me, yes I have been personally involved in the lives of women considering/ actually following through with an abortion before, and yes the knowledge of someone wanting an abortion still throws me into stunned silence!"

Then I drop to my knees knowing there is only a short time before this person will go through with this. God is not unaware but he has called me to intercession. He could intervene competely without my help, but he has called me now and I will be faithful to respond.

You may not know someone who has had an abortion or is considering an abortion but will you please take time to drop to your knees and petition the Holy Sovereign Lord to put an end to this!

Monday, October 13, 2008

It ain't fall until you've visited the Pumpkin Patch!

Ok so I got some AWESOME pictures at the pumpkin patch this morning. Thank you wonderful children for your cooperation and joyful hearts!

My Nator:

The Pumpkin Princess:

My Piggy:Me: "Ok now everyone keep looking at mommy so that when I call Nator we'll get a picture with everyone looking at the camera"

What the children heard: "Ok everyone look at the camera until I call Nator and then look at that random thing over there."

I just like that the wrinkles on sweet Nator's hands match the wrinkles in the pumpkin.And this one: "Do I look like a pumpkin now?"The Pumpkin Patch is as regular a thing for us as it is for anyone else. It's a seasonal thing and some day I'll miss this season...Fall will still come, but I won't have my sweet little ones to take to the patch and photograph. I hope you enjoy their priceless pumpkin pictures as much as I do!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I did not cut a gigantic hole in the skirt I had just finished...I did not then proceed to "fake" cry and moan until I accepted the gapping hole and create a patch.

I did not really like the result of the patch I put over the hole...I was still supposed to be mad about the hole.

I did not (inwardly) totally freak when my dad told me he saw the "cat eating monster" (aka coyote) roaming our property at 7:30AM the other morning.

I did not send the children to their classes/nursery and then skip Sunday school to spend time with my husband who was working on the video for the service...I always attend Sunday school getting there early donught eaten and fingers licked.

My living room is not still littered with basket after basket of dirty laundry that I drug out and sorted days ago.

I did not tell myself several times this week "ok, this is my LAST coke. I absolutely will not drink any more after this."

I did not ask the children to pick out which treat they would like at the store and then insist they pick the one I wanted...and when they chose powdered donughts instead of zebra cakes for sure did not buy both just because I really wanted the zebra cakes.

I could go on, but instead check out these others on Mckmama's site.


I LOVE the edith twirly skirt!!! I knew I would, but having it completed I really love it! See:

Boo boo princess likes it too (she wanted to sleep in it) but clearly she is more concerned with showing off her pony...

Here's a close up:

Notice the "patch" in the middle. Cute huh? Yeah...well...I was finishing up the seams, You know zig zagging, then cutting off the extra so it didn't fray...I cut right through the waistband because I wasn't being careful; about a 2" by 2" hole! AHHH!!!! At least it happened to be right smack dab in the middle of the skirt and allowed for some extra customization.

I've already purchased more fabric from this collection to make another one.

Friday, October 10, 2008


AHHH...I'm it! Apparently I've been tagged, by I think two people Melissa and a Beautiful Daughter of the most high king. So I'm to list 6 interesting things about myself (might be hard) and quickly make someone else "it" (6 someone elses)...that will be the tricky part.

1. I hate coffee and beer (lots of people think that's interesting, I think it's common sense).

2. I'm published in some poetry book (it's laying around here somewhere).

3. I have been the driver/owner of 7 different vehicles and I've only been driving for 8 years.

4. I went to Hawaii for 4 days and only went in the water once...for about 2 minutes (hey a fish touched me!)

5. My 9lb 5oz youngest son was born at home surrounded by 7 women myself and my husband.

6. I have neopolitan children...no really look at their hair (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry).

Yeah, I've totally read more interesting tags, but hey that's what you get! So I'm tagging:

1. Mom2four
2. Laura (yes I know Melissa got to her first)
3. Molly Beth
4. Dave
5. Mckmama
6. to be determined

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am SEW happy!

I have finished dress number 3 (only one previously cut item to go)! Boo boo princess is quite pleased with this one (in other words I had to beg her to take it off before lunch so that she wouldn't dirty it before Sunday):

This is the third time I've made this pattern for her but this time I got brave and used a floral fabric intead of just plain white for collar and cuffs. I'm thrilled with the outcome.

And, I used this lovely biased hem technique I learned on Jona's blog

Also found in Jona's store Fabritopia; I purchased the edith twirl skirt pattern. It is a PDF pattern that you recieve instantly after purchasing. It's way easy and looks very fun. Here is what I'll be making it out of.

I can't wait to get started!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I did not allow my 9 month old to make loud yelling like noises to his hearts content at the ice cream store yesterday because it was making his siblings and the other patrons laugh. Now I know I will never have to endure that again just because he knows it makes people laugh.

I certainly did not reuse my children's lunch plates 3 times before washing them just wiping off the crumbs in between.

I did not spend the whole day yesterday making totally prideful and out of character statements to everyone I met...I'm as humble as a horesfly.

My Nator most certainly did not yell out for his daddy repeatedly during the "quiet" time in church. And of course I took him out immediately and told him to shhh because it wasn't cute that he was excited to see his daddy.

Many other's out there are certainly not doing things this Monday too. Check them out at My Charming Kids

Friday, October 3, 2008

A conversation with my piggy

M.P: "Mom!"

Me: "Yes M.P."

M.P: "You remember that time when we were at the hospital and grandma great was getting that tube out and we were there and grandpa great was reading a magazine and I was looking at it and it was talking about back pain?"

Me: (staring blankly as this event occured several months ago and I'm a little nervous as to what the next part of the story is) Yes.

M.P: "I have back pain."

Me: (staring blankly) "I love you...go to bed."

Thursday, October 2, 2008


everyone has a history.
everyone has had hurts,
and joys.
everyone has a history.
for some God's grace was evident,
and for other's He seemed distant.
everyone has a history.
for some good works made them believe in Jesus;
for others Jesus made them believe in good works.
everyone has a history.
when you come to the end and history is made; when it's time to let go; when there's not much more to change; will you know how history has shaped your eternity?