Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flew the coop!

Just when you thought you'd never again see a post about chickens! I would like to introduce you to the newest members of the flock...
...Lucy and Sarah (I would have gone with Laverne and Shirley myself, but I let the kids pick):
Welcome Ladies! I hope you will find your stay here comfortable. We have the finest in chicken amenities. You will be treated to the top notch bug buffet, served daily for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is the creme de la creme of laying pellets. Nesting boxes are filled with sweet southern hay to help ease your egg laying worries. Water comes to you fresh from the tap and is the talk of all the dogs, and cats. Welcome once again to our fine resort, I do hope you will enjoy your stay.

I forgot to tell Mr. Incredible about the new this could be hello and goodbye for Sarah and Lucy!


Anonymous said...


I love you,

lauradodson said...

:O) cute comment...

they look like Laverne and Shirley to me...too bad you had to go and let the kids name 'em...what are you, a nice Mom or something? Don't you know you should hoard the chicken naming process all to your self? Sheesh. ;o)