Saturday, December 6, 2008

Does anyone know how to work this thing?

Ok so I've spent a bit of time in the last two days pouring over blogs of incredible photographers such as Kristen Eldridge, Pear Blossom, Mckmama, and even my own talented God Mother Beth. Their photography is amazing! I know that there is a decent amount of talent involved in their photos and countless numbers of hours involved in the editing.

Some times I end up with good photos like this one. But, as a mom on a tight (really tight) budget I can't afford the artistic talents of those mentioned above to preserve the beauty of what is this bountiful season of my life.

I was graciously given a new camera last year for Christmas (Thanks bro!) to replace the sorta high end one I left on the back of Mr. Incredible's truck. It's your basic point in shoot and I know there is potential contained within I just can't seem to tap into it!

Here are some sample photos I took (Moosekat did all the posing himself):

I had put up a dark blue sheet as a backdrop and pointed some track lighting we have up at the shoot location (ha ha). I tried flash on, flash off, changing resolution, and messed with the ISO. But, ISO sorry this is the best I came up with:
Anyhow I guess I'll have to stick to taking pictures on cloudy days until I can get someone to help me out with this.
By the way, you see that kid up there...he's going to be SEVEN in 11 days! SEVEN!!!! I'm having a hard time with it in case you hadn't noticed.


lauradodson said...

Disclaimer: My photos aren't that great most of the time, however, I've read countless tips and the one that I like best is stop using the flash. It distorts the true color. Obviously, if it is a dark room or night, use it, but if you're wanting portraits or whatever, don't use it. Use a tripod. Use the self-timer while using the tripod. Every little jiggle causes distortion. Use a free photo editing software like Picassa, or Picnik, or whatever. I use Picassa3. But there's lots others. I have photoshop but never use it. I know most folks who edit the prof. photos use it, but I've not figured it out yet. If you go to the blog Posie Gets Cozy, she has a sidebar link somewhere on her blog...maybe in categories...that gives photo tips. That's where I've gotten mine.

Anonymous said...

I remember some very basics from the single photography class I took in school, and basically, since the lighting totally confused me (to flash or not to flash, apertures, etc) I tried to just start with placement of objects - meaning using line of vision, to "draw" you into the picture. Painters use this technique I've noticed, and you can create a very nice and inviting picture simply by angles, placement, etc. I wish I had a better camera to use though...but I do think I have a card for you to use, so remind me to get it for you and see if it is the right size, it's been sitting around waiting for someone to use! - Jules

Laurie said...

I was once told everyone is good at something, not many are good are many things, and no one is good at everything. You don't have to be good a photography. I think you pictures are wonderful because of the subjects!!