Monday, December 29, 2008

Call me flighty!

Ok so most of you who were invited to view my blog know why I orginally went private...some people are just punks (I'm praying for them).

Every time I've come to my blog in the last two days I'd say "hmm...not really anything to write that these people don't already know about," and I'd move along to some other activity. So I'm revoking my previous overreactive, fear driven, hole digging, blog securing and making it public again...whatever that means.

I know that God has called my husband and I to minister to our community and it's going to mean talking to people like the guys that prank called me the other night. It's not just going to mean talking to them, it's going to mean meeting them, ministering to them, praying for them, fellowshipping with them, and even loving them. It's going to mean putting my fears aside and trusting that I have a mighty awesome powerful God who does not allow one moment of life to happen without his knowledge.

Thanks for understanding my little moment!


Anonymous said...

you crack me up..

glad to see you're goin' public again -

argh! so much for thinking i had the google/blogger thing figured out, it won't let me sign on with my name, have to be anonymous again - Juli

lauradodson said...

welcome back.