Friday, October 24, 2008

Week in a post

Updated: Just thought I'd mention, that is not my husband in the medieval picture, but rather one of the sweetest and dearest (non related) men I know. Thanks Mr. M for opening your home for our lovely faire!

I didn't manage to post much this week...and I'm not really sure where the week went. But here's the low down...or what I can remember.

I think this event occured Monday evening: Piggy was cleaning out the chicken coop (like a real man, I know I wasn't brave enough) and he came inside to get something. On his way in he noticed that a screw was coming out of the door handle. He promptly asked for a "phillips head screw driver" then he quickly remedied the situation. I decided after all of this "man stuff" he deserved a cold one:

Tuesday night was our twice monthly Bible study. I am really enjoying this time fellowshipping and opening up our home. God is teaching us so much!

Wednesday I finished another twirly skirt which I was going to sell until boo boo princess decided she liked it and wore it out to lunch where I got my first "order" for a skirt.

So the above is what boo boo princess' skirt looked like. That evening I went out to buy material for the ordered skirt which looks very similar to the above. I worked on it Wednesday night and some on Thursday until we left for:
The Medieval Faire. This was a blast! As you can see I dressed up. I had made that dress for my mom to attend a renissance style affair a while back. Boo boo princess was a princess of course and my piggy was a valiant night. Nator...well he had a little "pooh" on his shirt.
So anyway, today I finished the skirt I was making for someone else and shipped it off to it's new owner via my wonderful husband. I hope it is the first of many custom projects to come.

As for now here is a peek at my next project. Boo boo princess chose the fabric but it may be one of my favorites:


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jona said...

Your Edith skirt looks great!! I'm glad the little princess insisted on keeping it (good taste!).