Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has this every happened to

Has anyone ever called you and said:
"I know someone who is going to terminate the life of their unborn child in x amount of days. Will you pray?"

After a few brief moments of stunned breathlessness I think to myself:
"no it's not the first time this request has been made of me, yes I have been personally involved in the lives of women considering/ actually following through with an abortion before, and yes the knowledge of someone wanting an abortion still throws me into stunned silence!"

Then I drop to my knees knowing there is only a short time before this person will go through with this. God is not unaware but he has called me to intercession. He could intervene competely without my help, but he has called me now and I will be faithful to respond.

You may not know someone who has had an abortion or is considering an abortion but will you please take time to drop to your knees and petition the Holy Sovereign Lord to put an end to this!


mom2four said...

I don't know how much influence you can/do have in this persons life, but would they be willing to follow through with the pregnancy if they already had a family willing to adopt the baby??

S.L.P said...

Trisha I don't even know who she is actually. That is of course an option that has been presented to her (adoption) but beyond presenting the options the person who did meet her can't do anything else. It's a counseling type situation not a personal relationship which is the reason I don't actually know who she is.

laurad said...

:o( Will be praying!