Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Monday...I mean Not me Monday!

It's not Monday which I think is a perfect time to start the list of things I did not do this week:

1. I did not talk my husband into buying more fabric to make edith twirly skirts. That would be silly as I haven't finished the last one I started and I already had fabric for another one...besides boo boo princess told me "mommy, I don't want any more skirts."

2. I certainly did not make My piggy fall off the pew during church today (he was laying on my lap) and proceed to laugh uncontrollably...and all of this did not occur during the pastor's sermon.

3. Boo boo princess did NOT and I repeat NOT fall out of the living room window earlier this week and hurt her shoulder. That would make her grandparents nervous and angry and cause people to question my parenting. Of course I wasn't so busy doing dishes and cleaning house to notice that she was sitting in the window sill leaning against the screen. I did not feel terrible and worried and scared that she might have broken something (and I really don't mean the window screen).

4. My Nator absolutely positively no questions asked did NOT take his first steps this week. He is entirely way to young for such silliness and you can't convince me otherwise!

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mom2four said...

ok, so I went to check into purchasing this pattern to make for my daughter.....and it only goes to size 6 :( she's a 8/10, you think it would be hard to modify? Or would it look silly on a 9yr old anyway???

S.L.P said...

I don't think it would be hard to modify. Just increase the length on all the pieces except the waistband and no I don't think it would look silly on a 9 year old. I think she'd look really cute in it and probably would enjoy helping you with it.

jona said...

WHAT??? No more skirts??? Oh, she's going to ruin me! LOL!

And you are right. The pattern is super easy to adjust for bigger girls. Thanks! ;)

Emily said...

Don't feel too bad about the window. I DID NOT let my 23-mth-old play on a play structure made for 5 and up, and she DID NOT fall 6 feet and have to go to the ER. (By the way, she is absolutely fine, and I am convinced that woodchips can actually do what they are supposed to do.)