Monday, October 13, 2008

It ain't fall until you've visited the Pumpkin Patch!

Ok so I got some AWESOME pictures at the pumpkin patch this morning. Thank you wonderful children for your cooperation and joyful hearts!

My Nator:

The Pumpkin Princess:

My Piggy:Me: "Ok now everyone keep looking at mommy so that when I call Nator we'll get a picture with everyone looking at the camera"

What the children heard: "Ok everyone look at the camera until I call Nator and then look at that random thing over there."

I just like that the wrinkles on sweet Nator's hands match the wrinkles in the pumpkin.And this one: "Do I look like a pumpkin now?"The Pumpkin Patch is as regular a thing for us as it is for anyone else. It's a seasonal thing and some day I'll miss this season...Fall will still come, but I won't have my sweet little ones to take to the patch and photograph. I hope you enjoy their priceless pumpkin pictures as much as I do!

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CityMom, CountryMom said...

There is nothing like children's little hands! They are so cute! Love your photos!