Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I did not cut a gigantic hole in the skirt I had just finished...I did not then proceed to "fake" cry and moan until I accepted the gapping hole and create a patch.

I did not really like the result of the patch I put over the hole...I was still supposed to be mad about the hole.

I did not (inwardly) totally freak when my dad told me he saw the "cat eating monster" (aka coyote) roaming our property at 7:30AM the other morning.

I did not send the children to their classes/nursery and then skip Sunday school to spend time with my husband who was working on the video for the service...I always attend Sunday school getting there early donught eaten and fingers licked.

My living room is not still littered with basket after basket of dirty laundry that I drug out and sorted days ago.

I did not tell myself several times this week "ok, this is my LAST coke. I absolutely will not drink any more after this."

I did not ask the children to pick out which treat they would like at the store and then insist they pick the one I wanted...and when they chose powdered donughts instead of zebra cakes for sure did not buy both just because I really wanted the zebra cakes.

I could go on, but instead check out these others on Mckmama's site.


Jennifer said...

I do not have a coke addiction myself! Great Not Me's and I bought Zebra cakes today..he he! Looks like we have a lot in common!

Ashley Griffin said...

i NEVER skip to sunday school after dropping the kids off at their classes. AND i would never get there early sometimes just to have a few minutes more!

Jill said...

I don't abuse my mommy power to con my kids into picking a treat out for me, either!
BTW, I can totally relate to the laundry piles in the living room. :)

Weeksie50 said...

Oh No. I hope your cats are safe..
Good Luck with the diet coke thing..

Laundry piles.. please don't remind me..

amanda said...

great not me's. if you have a laundry room it's easier to store the piles in there, then you don't have to look at them as much. :)

Allmykids123 said...

Good luck on kicking the Coke habit. I've been saying the same thing since high school, which was a loooooooong time ago! Adorable blog!

heidi said...

I gave up on giving up caffeine. I love caffeine and it loves me back. We're in a committed relationship. Oops, my coffee cup is empty. Have a day!

rachael said...

haha, i love it, and only because i do the same thing. trying to convince someone to pick what i want, lol!

thanks for stopping by :)

Jenny said...

Coke addiction, eh? I Did NOT just have my 5th cup of coffee when the doctor said 1 cup a day since I am still breast feeding. That would be totally selfish, wouldn't it!

And I NEVER leave 5 loads of clean laundry hidden from view of the front door laying in the hallway. I fold them all right away. *snicker, snort*

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I woule NEVER tell my kids they could pick whatever snack they wanted and then somehow manage to convince them that my choice was the snack they wanted. And then end up eating half of it. I have 6 kiddos. That's alot of halves.

I am Also NOT dealing with a soda addiction. At least it is diet! That's something, right?

your kiddos are too cute!


lauradodson said...

ooooooh, so that where you were!

I stole into the nursery under cover of look at Aine's new dress.

She looked me up oneside and down the other not knowing who on earth I was and reluctantly showed me. I like the hem. I probably scarred the dear child for life.