Friday, October 10, 2008


AHHH...I'm it! Apparently I've been tagged, by I think two people Melissa and a Beautiful Daughter of the most high king. So I'm to list 6 interesting things about myself (might be hard) and quickly make someone else "it" (6 someone elses)...that will be the tricky part.

1. I hate coffee and beer (lots of people think that's interesting, I think it's common sense).

2. I'm published in some poetry book (it's laying around here somewhere).

3. I have been the driver/owner of 7 different vehicles and I've only been driving for 8 years.

4. I went to Hawaii for 4 days and only went in the water once...for about 2 minutes (hey a fish touched me!)

5. My 9lb 5oz youngest son was born at home surrounded by 7 women myself and my husband.

6. I have neopolitan really look at their hair (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry).

Yeah, I've totally read more interesting tags, but hey that's what you get! So I'm tagging:

1. Mom2four
2. Laura (yes I know Melissa got to her first)
3. Molly Beth
4. Dave
5. Mckmama
6. to be determined

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