Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This season is my I don't mean fall though we are having one of the most beautiful falls I can remember in all my 24+ years in this part of the country.

See the dead grass? And the wind whipping the flag to shreds?
Note the beautiful flowering bush.

And the few brown leaves.
Reflect on the ability to wear both long sleeves and jeans or short sleeves and shorts and be equally comfortable.

And, the oranges are finally ready after months of maturing.
But no, fall is not my season.
My season is mothering three smallish children. It's coming to grips with the fact that it is not my season to have Shara's night in. It's carrying scared chickens to their coop each night and cleaning house for Bible Study. It's reflecting on how God will "establish the work of {my} hands upon {me}; yes establish the work of {my} hands" now and for the seasons to come.
Scripture from Psalm 90:17

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lauradodson said...

;o) You really are in a good place. As am I. Learning to be content with where God has each of us is sometimes difficult. If I had to do it alllll over again, I'd slow down and not try to rush through everything. In fact, maybe this is advice I need to hear right now.