Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not yet Me on Monday

I've let busyness head up things lately...Forsaking the reading of The Word, fellowship, and prayer. So I'm feeling a bit foggy. I notice that when I'm not quite right, not in close communion with God, a few things tend to happen...they will be my Not Me's for this week.

1. I am not easily offended and argumenative.

2. I am not quick to judge motives and intentions (wrongly).

3. I am not persuing "wood" "hay" and "stubble" passions rather than investing in eternal rewards.

4. I did not go searching through my past (via facebook and to find the sinful life I left behind. And, when I found person after person that had graduated college and done exciting things I did not feel even a little jealous.

5. Finally, I'm not hoping for the quick work of the holy spirit to come upon me and cause conviction and repentance so that I can return to peace in the arms of God.



Julie said... that why I get so short sometimes?! Makes sense. I need to follow your example.

Thanks for the live traffic feed! LOL! That was great!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Are you and I in the same season of life? ahh, the joys.

Junita said...

I am thankful I am not the girl I used to be. It's like taking off an enormous hairshirt to revisit that path and remind oneself.

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Who on earth would waste their time looking for past classmates (ex-boyfriends) etc.? Not Me! Good to hear your brutal honest comments, hope you feel better, I think I do! ;)

E said...

Ahh, I know the busyness gets me down, too. All we mommys get that, I think.


Ashley Griffin said...

hmmm... you don't stay in the word 24hrs a day?? I thought we all did!