Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I did not consider sleeping with a gun while DH was away for one night this week.

I did not break down crying last night because I have not yet learned that I am unable to parent my precious almost 7 year old on my own and I need God's daily guidance.

I am not about to have a 7 year old in 24 days and a 1 year old in 27 days.

I am not planning on making Pj's for just about everyone on my Christmas list.

There is not a tiny mouse daily avoiding sudden death by old fashion mouse traps and still getting away with the peanut butter. What the mouse does not realize is that by eating all of the PB he is plumping up and at just the right moment his girth will overtake the traps lever and that will be indeed his last meal.

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amanda said...

mouse. yuck. i so hate mice. i like to not see them, or evidence of them for that matter. that way i can be naive to believe they aren't in my house...even though i am sure they are. yuck. hope you catch him soon!

Stacy C. said...

Mice scare me!!! I will have a 10 year old next month. I'm feeling so old. Great list!

Sara said...

What a great Christmas idea. I'm wanting to start the new pjs for Christmas Eve but I never thought of actually making them. Maybe next year!

Pam D said...

Heh, heh... we put a couple of sunflower seeds in the peanut butter.. the tug is fatal! We've caught two of those critters so far! Of course, "The Tale of Despereaux" is "coming soon to a theater near you".... and I fear that the bug hunter will then get all soft and squishy on the issue of eliminating vermin. *sigh*
I am with you on the gun thing, and very thankful that we once again have a dog with a loud bark. Amen.