Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

We don't "do" halloween in our family but at 15 min from the end of that frightful day I got spooked! I woke up to the confusing noise of cackles and squawks and a symphony un-peaceful sounds.

After waking my knight and shinning armor (don't think for one second I was going outside to check on that noise my self) we discovered the source of the chaos that was insuing in our hen house.Two of the hens managed to fly the coop and get out of harms way but one was stuck upstairs carrying on in a most unpleasent fashion. This little guy well...he played opossum, ignoring all of our attempts to gently coax him out of his corner. Finally a spear was fashioned and all it took was some (gentle) pokes with the sharp blade and the opossum (lets call him Frank) decided to be on his way.
What did we learn?
1. If you don't shut the chicken coop Frank will pay a visit with hopes of a tasty midnight snack.
2. Opossums really do play opossum, but Frank was not all that good at it.
3. When all else fails a suitable weapon can be made from a broom handle a large knife and tape.


Laurie said...

ahhh...thanks for the laugh! I'm sure that was a bit frightening. Oppossums can be rather mean when you get in the way of their food.

laurad said...