Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me!

Oh dear it's already late afternoon on Monday and I've not posted Not Me! Monday! So without further delay:

I did not have an hour long "discussion" (aka argument with me on the defensive) about homeschooling only to come away wondering what it was I was arguing about. I don't argue...

I most certainly did not completely ruin a loaf of bread today by letting it rise so long that it flopped out over the sides of the pan and drooped down onto the oven grates.

I did not "ignore" boo boo princess while she had markers only to regret that decision when she showed me her rainbow belly.

And I would never "ignore" my nator long enough for him to find two markers and color his mouth and face with (don't worry they were non toxic).

I am not just now finishing a fall dress I started for boo boo princess last fall.

OH yeah and I for SURE did not rush My Piggy (who no longer wants to be called that by the way) to Fantastic Sam's for an emergency hair cut after the little girl he was playing with at chick-fil-a showed her mom the itchy spot on her head and her mom loudly announced "She has Lice!" That would be irrational!

Check out what Mckmama didn't do this week!


HappilyEverAfter said...

Oh my gosh... some yelled lice at a fast food joint! Goodness! Its a good things the kids didnt get into the markers ;)

-fellow MckMama reader.

Nicole said...

GOODNESS.... LICE at my favorite fast food place! A word that strikes fear in a momma's heart! Hope the haircut keeps the lice away! Found your blog through MckMama!

Jennifer said...

So funny! I totally did not know my 20 month old was writing on her arms with a pen and I totally took it from her instead of just letting her keep on because she was being quiet! I would never do such!

jona said...

Oh, super ick!! Lice in a restaurant!! Dang!

I once got lice at a hair salon and I remember my sweet husband spending hours carefully combing it all out of my hair (one of those sweet newlywed memories, ha!).