Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day - a few days late

Warning: Baby Talk happening

So I saw this idea on a friends blog and liked it. What woman doesn't like to talk about their labors!

My Piggy:
I started having contractions the night before I went into the hopsital and stayed most of the night timing them. They weren't painful though. I went to the hospital about 7 in the morning. I was determined to be having pre-eclampsia symptoms and hooked up to magnesium sulfate fairly quickly. That slowed things down so I was pumped up with Pitocin. From start to finish at the hospital my labor was about 12 hours maybe a little more. I don't remember pushing too long, but apparently it was about an hours worth. My son was 7lbs .60z and was born naturally and without pain medication. He was also born in the caul (amniotic sac still intact) and I remember it was quite difficult to puncture.

My Boo Boo Princess:
I was induced with my daughter. My doctor was going on vacation the weekend I was due and I didn't want to risk having a doctor I didn't care for. I got to the hospital about 4:00 and was contracting regularly as I had been for days. I asked for a hep lock but not to be hooked to an IV which they agreed to. My doctor came in about 5:30 to brake my water which was very difficult to do. He ended up using the sharp point from one of those things they use to monitor baby's heart beats in utero. I had told him I grow them tough! I walked around, took showers, and labored for about 7 hours total. My daughter was born at 12:00AM exactly (the nurses had a hard time deciding what the date of her actual birthday was). She was 7lbs 3oz. Born naturally without pain meds.

My Nator:
This was my favorite labor experience (of course all the births were equal in joy). I was having a home birth this time around and I wanted no unnatural intervention...especially not AROM (braking water). Once my due date passed and I had already started taking herbs and rethinking the lack of intervention, my midwife and I started to talk about my possibilities. We finally decided she would do AROM as they thought I might have excess fluid that was keeping the head from engaging. She too had a hard time braking the amniotic sac. Once broken at 5:30PM contractions started to get serious about 30 minutes later. I walked around my neighborhood with friends (there were 7 women there, one boo boo princess, and my husband). I took a bath, hung on whoever was closest, and generally enjoyed prancing around my home uninhibited. My Nator was born a little after 9:00PM. He was 9lbs 5oz and got a little stuck coming out as he had his hand up by his head. I remember being shocked he was so big!

I hope you had a happy labor day! Thank you to all of you who work to keep America going economically.

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mom2four said...

awww, how neat. Wasn't it fun reminicing about those times? The blog I got the idea from she also posted pics of her scrapbooks....I don't have any made and am afriad it would have taken quite sometime to get the pics together! LOL