Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It sounded fun so here it is...the list of things I most certainly did NOT do this past week ;o)

1. I did NOT let the kids eat ice cream for dinner twice this week.

2. I for sure did not forsake the laundry and dirty dishes I mentioned earlier in favor of sewing an insanely adorable skirt for boo boo princess!

3. I absolutely did not get a little teary eyed when I realized we are offically missing a chicken...Blanche may you RIP.

4. I would never have picked My Nator's boogers while he slept on my lap during church this morning even though his head was tilted just so that they taunted me hanging all dry and crusty from his little nose.

I can think of other things to tell you I did not do, but you wouldn't believe me anyhow. And under the slight chance you might classify me as a truthless falsifier...I confess that I did in fact do all of the above.

Oh forgot to mention: This idea came from Mckmama's site


Jennifer said...

Can someone "not" let me have ice cream for dinner?

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

These are so good. Love the picture of the taunting little boogers. Been there. :)

Drew and Nancy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with overflowing laundry!! :)

Liz said...

I also don't get taunted by my little man's boogers - and I never get scolded by my husband for picking them and driving little man crazy!! Love your list - made me giggle!

EC said...

Ooh I never pick the kid's boogers either. NEVER.

lauradodson said...

The Twirly Skirt! :o)

I'm still bummed about the chicken. I hate losing animals.