Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have not been alive long enough to recall too many momentous American events, but certainly I will never forget where I was on 9/11/01.

I was 17 and 7 months pregnant with my first son. I had just begun my senior year of high school. I was in my car getting ready to drive to my boyfriends house to wake him up for work. I heard it on the radio. At the time only one plane had struck the twin towers and they were reporting it as an accident. I went in to wake up K* and by the time I was on my way to school again another plane had hit. I got to my world geography class late and told them to turn on the T.V. that another plane had struck.

I think I will remember it most because I was pregnant. You tend to think about the world a little differently when you're bringing new life in to it. I remember thinking about all the pregnant women whose husbands were in those towers, or at the Pentagon, or in the planes. I remember thinking about the children who were at the daycare centers in those buildings.

Maybe I remember it most because I was 17 and just about to go into "the real world" where things like that happen to people...people who aren't expecting it, people like me.

Maybe I remember it because it got me out of a day of school work, or because it started a war. My generations war.

Whatever the case...I remember 9/11/01.

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