Sunday, January 17, 2010


Can red strawberry blonde orange haired people wear red?

Undoubtedly Julianne Moore looks fabulous here, in red. But she's closer to an auburn than an orange, as I like to describe my color.

And of course Amy Adams is smokin! But again, she sports a darker hue of red.

Here Jessica Rabbit is sporting a more orange tone, and looks well... like someone should get her a jacket and some sweat pants just fine.

But in reality, can a true orange wear red? I have been contemplating making myself a sheath style dress like this one for Valentines day.

A quote from the "You look Fab" blog says "In reality ”red” hair is more orange than red and these two colours (red and orange) work beautifully together. It’s much like mixing red and orange tulips in the same vase"

What say you? Will red make me look like a beautifully manicured garden of red and orange tulips or a color blind leprechaun?

Update: when I said a sheath style dress "like this one" I was NOT referring to the dress Jessica Rabbit is wearing. There is a link to a simplicity pattern!


Nicole said...

I say go for it! Jessica Rabbit looks hot, so I'm sure you will too! :)
PS. I finally found you!

Miss Chivuss said...

My favorite roses are lipstick roses. They look like this:

And if nature made it, it has to look good, right?