Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy Fashion

The Grammies are set to begin in about an hour (I think). I'll be watching it, but for the fashion not for the awards.

So as I was cooking pancakes in my jamies for my kids this evening I was thinking about a very fortunate friend, A, who is working in LA towards a career in TV and Film. She recently posted pictures of herself with a couple of celebrities. And she, like the poised and confident individual that she is, doesn't bat and eye at the presence of stardom!

Thinking about A hanging with celebrities like it was no big thing combined with thoughts of the upcoming fashion show (aka Grammies) gave me a fantastic idea!

What if celebs commissioned average joe dressmakers/designers to come up with their outfits for anything from award shows to every day wear? This could have great potential really!

They would be creating jobs in America, helping small business owners (who would be buying their supplies in America), boosting the economy, and likely getting a lot of attention for doing good!

The benefit to the wearer would be great too. They would get one on one personal attention for them and their dress. Attention to detail would be incredible. As a dressmaker I am super vigilant with any garment I make for a customer. If I were to ever make something I knew was going to be photographed, or on T.V. you better believe it would look perfect!

Of course they would want quality designers and they can find them among the non famous! I work for just such a dressmaker!

So what do you say rich and famous? Are you willing to give the working class designers a try, help out our economy in a time of need, and look fabulous doing it?

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Miss Chivuss said...

You're already hired. I just have to get money ;) That way when I'm rich and famous, you can say both that you came up with me and you knew me back when!