Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My "Texas Tea Bucket"

Well you see, for a long time (maybe ever since I was born) Bill Miller has been a common but distant memory. Someone in my life has always had a cup. There was a Bill Miller just up the road from the church my grandpa pastored. But, we never ate there. I didn't like sweet tea much, however, the cup seemed like such a treasured possesion. It was present at most gatherings and it's awful tan and orange color scheme was instantly recognizable. The words "Texas Tea Bucket" could create an urgent need to pee and you could recognize the owner by the color of lip stick stained around the spout. For years I was uninterested in this elite membership but since Bill Miller has found themselves worthy of Seguin I too have added my mark (shinny translucent pink) around the mouth hole of a "Texas Tea bucket"... if you'll excuse me I need to pee.

1 comment:

Kori said...

:-) LOL!!!

My mom has had one of those for a really really long time!!!