Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gotta Love my Nator!

My Nator is at a favorite stage of mine (minus the tantrums and not sitting still in a high chair or grocery basket). His new cutest quirk is his love of all things Papa (that's our word for Grandpa).

Yesterday at dinner he pointed up to the TV at the restaurant which of course was showing Michael Jackson (may he RIP). He looked straight at me and said "Papa?", not Papa, but close!

Whenever a helicopter, or large truck passes by making that all familiar vroom sound Nator will look at me and say "Papa?" Sigh, no Nator, a helicopter.

If I so much as look at my shoes he runs to get his screaming "Papa, Papa, Papa" all the way.

If we go in the car somewhere, when we get back home he leaps out of the car, points at the house down the hill and says "Papa?" Yes Nator, that's where he lives but he's at work.

Should Nator hear a tractor (more recently a Mule work truck) or worse yet see one, there is no end to the squealing, giggling, and laughing that follows. At least not until I inform him that it is either a) not Papa or b) he's not coming to get him.

And, just now when Nator arrived on my door step, dropped off by none other than Papa, there were tears to be had while he sobbed "P---a---p---a" as he drove away.

I love you sweet boy, and you are so fortunate to have such a neat Papa

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