Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday and another summer frock

1. I am not a quarter of a century old today and I do not still feel about 18.

2. When asked if I get carded often, by our waitress yesterday, I did not respond with " No I usually have kids with me". 

3. I did not complete another fun summer dress in which I did not post pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

4. I did not have a dream last night that I met Patty Young and she invited me over for leftovers.

5. I did not convince Mr. Incredible to buy a "Texas Tea Bucket" of his own.

6. I did not see a lady clean out her car in the drive through and throw all of the trash right out of her window on the ground. I did not consider getting out to pick it up right in front of her. I was not to chicken to do it. So Mr. Incredible did not go so far as to put his hand on the door handle before I told him not to do it. I am not feeling like I should have picked up the trash. I did not secretly wish there was a cop around to issue her a $500 fine for littering.


LaurieLC said...

I love, love, love your pretty dress!

S.L.P said...

I can make you one;o)

LaurieLC said...

You'll need more fabric lol