Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Baptize you my son...

This Sunday Moosekat will be Baptized in a local river by his father. 

His Baptism is so important for so many reasons.

He is affirming his faith in Christ. It is HIS faith, not mine, not Mr. Incredible's. He has asked for two years now if he could be baptized and even after we agreed it was time, he had to wait another two months for us to get our acts together and get it planned. He has prayed diligently for this day. He has prayed about the location (whether at our church baptismal or in a public location), he has prayed about his fears of going under water, he has prayed about the meaning of this event and he has asked God to be glorified above all else. This kid is SEVEN!

He will be publicly baptized so that we are sharing our faith and God's truth with whomever may happen to be at the river that day as well as our families and church family who we have invited. His dad will have the honor of baptizing him as one so deeply and personally invested in Moosekat's spiritual walk. And we will enjoy a feast afterwards. A celebration of the freedom we have in Christ and the faith he has given us. 

I can not tell you all the significance of a Baptism, but I know that Moosekat's will be a beautiful God honoring time. I am so overcome with joy that my God has blessed my son with a real a personal faith! To God be the glory!

(Oh yeah and there will be cake!)

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LaurieLC said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Wish we could be there to share in your joy.