Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ok so I've been a blog slacker. In an effort to get back on track I will now swipe someone else's idea.

Simply go to google and type in your name needs example "Shara needs" in quotes and see what you come up with.

1. "Shara needs some space." Amen and amen!

2. Shara needs to do a Level 3 qualification after completing the Level 2. Ok, not sure about that one.

3. Shara needs a huge amount of energy to sustain his temporal breach Ummm...yeah sure I do need energy but I don't think it has anything to do with sustaining someone's temporal breach (I sure hope that's not something naughty).

4. Shara needs a new do HAHAA...what's funny about that is if you saw my hair right now...well...

5. Shara needs to see. Alrighty then, I'm looking.

6. Shara needs to talk to someone at her local NMSS chapter. No Mom stalking stinkers?

7. Shara needs NEW GAS TANK!!! That's not even grammatically correct.

8. Shara needs cat sitting help I can sit on cats just fine by myself thankyouverymuch!

9. SHARA NEEDS A BEBO PAGE!!! Wow, I didn't know I had such enthusiastic needs.

10. Shara needs tending to. Lets leave that one up to Mr. Incredible mkay?


Juli said...
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Anonymous said...

ok, I did this and I'm not so sure I want to continue, the VERY FIRST one on the list was this:

"Juli needs a strong man, that will beat her if she does something wrong."

HAHAHAH! I'm laughing my butt off here!

I think the Holy Spirit has that covered- as far as keeping me in line, no man needed!

Shara in Alabama :) said...

This is Just Tooo Funny ...
I just did "Shara Needs" because of a Facebook post and the first thing that came up was your Blog.

I really appreciate that you have looked up what WE need for me...LOL

It sure Made things a little bit easier for me..

And its a pleasure to meet someone else that has the same name. As I'm sure you know that doesn't happen very often.
But I've just got to know how do you pronounce it Mine is pronounced Sha like the Cha in Charades and then Ray

S.L.P said...

Shara, mine is pronounced Sh-air-a. I've only met a couple of Sharas and we all seem to pronounce it differently. I was supposed to be Sheira (like from the Heman cartoon) but they went with Shara instead:o)Thanks for stopping by!

Shara in Alabama :) said...

The way yours is pronounced is the way most people usually pronounce mine.
Ive pretty much gotten used to answering to anything that is even close. :)
By the way I just wanted to say I love your Blog... You've got yourself a new fan ;)
Have a great Day!

S.L.P said...

Yeah, I get all kinds of different names too. I just answer and don't correct them unless they ask. Thank you for the compliment! Hope to see your comments around!