Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

1. I was not seriously disappointed with the superbowl commercials last night...after all I did not only watch the commercials and none of the game.

2. One of my childhood friends did NOT post e-mails I (did not) write 9 years ago on her Facebook. They were not hilarious!

3. I did not wonder whether we were at a rock concert yesterday when the first two songs of the church service were "You wreck me baby" and "American dream" (The pastor later explained the reason for this.)

4. I did not gain 5 lbs. after looking at all the food available to me at the same church we visited yesterday.

5. My phone is not on the fritz after I (did not) let My Nator slobber on it more than once.

6. I am not feeling guilty for being a lazy homeschool mom...

7. I do not think my Nator is the cutest thing ever when he drops things on purpose and says "uh-oh" repeatedly.

8. I do not have many chores to do so I am not going to get off the computer now and go do them.

1 comment:

amanda said...

great list. i worry about being a lazy homeschool mommy too...