Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Bowl

I feel the need to blog about a bowl I have. Some people blog about special thrift store finds or must have gadgets but I really want to tell you about an extra-ordinary bowl.

This bowl is BIG, like popcorn bowl big! I used to pop popcorn in it, because it's metal, and did I mention big?

This bowl is tarnished a little, mostly from popcorn popping but some what because of the epsom salt I dissolved in it for feet soaking. Mr. Incredible bought this bowl for me after we saw a similar one on Alton Brown's show "Good Eats."

You wouldn't know it now but it once held the most amazing things! In one night it served as a hat, caught all I had eaten in one day, and contained an organ. Yep that's right an organ. You see this bowl was multifunctional at the birth of my third child who was born at home. (The hat function only served as a distraction for painful contractions and the bowl was clean when it was used as such)

Yesterday I used the bowl as a back up for my queasy daughter and today I used it to hold a salt water plant while I cleaned the fish tank.

Ahh yes I have fond memories of this bowl. I hope we will not soon be parted. Please do tell me about your mulitfunctional - can't live without - household items.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that bowl, and the organ in it. I almost passed out!

Let's see..I just have a plant that was given to me when Andrew was born, ten years ago. It's still alive. I have fond memories of it thought. It has lived in four states, 6 different houses, and has moved cross country in my car (three different cars to be exact) from CO to TX, then TX to VA, then VA to TX again. I think it must be tired. But, I just bought it a nice new glass water globe thingy that automatically waters it, I hope it doesn't die from the shock..Juli