Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are waiting on a decision to be made. Has that ever happened to you? You are at the mercy of some other person(s) to decide the fate of your family in a very big and sensitive area? No Mr. Incredible isn't in trouble with the law.

When speaking with my Lord about the matter the other evening I felt an overwhemling sense of peace at the thought of the outcome of the decision. Whether that decision be yes or no. But then, out of no where and much to my surprise we didn't get a yes or a no, we got a WAIT!

I was thrown for a loop with that one. I wasn't prepared for that answer and it was NOT what I wanted!

Now, I've had to wait a time or two in my life...I waited 27 months total to see each of my precious children for the first time. I waited 13 years to be out of school (I really disliked school). I waited 2 years for Mr. Incredible to ask me to marry him. I knew on the first date we would marry.

But waiting is fresh and new each time you have to do it. It's a new sense of agony and wondering. I think this time though, I'm going to choose to glorify God in my waiting. I'm not going to waste my time day dream about what if and what could be (I'm good at that).

God how can I serve you today? How can I not waste my waiting by glorifying you?


LaurieLC said...

I'm so glad you wrote this. It has encouraged me in my season of waiting. It's so easy to lose focus and I appreciate your words to help me regain that focus on the Lord.


Shara, thank you for sharing your heart in this season. We know all about waiting and wondering what, how and when is God going to move. Joshua has had a calling since he was 17 and has wanted to go to the PC for the past 6 years. We are now finally experiencing what our hearts have longed for many years and we are grateful for the waiting period because what God did in us during this time. I pray that God will encourage you as you wait for Him.

Anonymous said...

I love that comic - made me giggle!

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..they shall walk and not grow weary..

good days ahead for you both, no matter what the outcome, because God is good. - Juli

amanda said...

great post