Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday!

1. I did not find my Nator walking around with a dead mouse in his hands. (actually I didn't my husband, and a guest that was at my house did).

2. I do not have to rewash an entire load of laundry because there was a dead mouse in the dryer with it. (Hey, at least they're dying!)

3. I did not consider digging for coke bottles in the trash to redeem points for My Coke Rewards so that I can better my chances of winning a cool camera...I'm not that desperate.

4. I also did not insist that Mr. Incredible drink only drinks that came with Coke points for the same reason. And I for sure would not try to make him feel guilty by asking "does that come with coke points" when he put something other than a coke product in the basket.

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Melissa said...

You know in some countries mice are a delicacy...I am sure of it. Maybe you should just start seeing this a God's provision :) Ok, so that was gross...but not nearly as gross as my sweet spudge walking around with a dead mouse. Seriously...that is gross...but the mouse in the dryer...that's laughing out loud funny. I wonder if you washed it first? Man I am is just to funny sometimes.

amanda said...

yuck. i am glad they are dying!!

Anonymous said...

YUK, YUK. I'm sure you washed the critter first.

I think we are "rat free" for the time being at our house. My dad told me last night that since the rats liked the pasta so well in the pantry, he finally "baited" a trap with pasta and not peanut butter.

So we "caught" three of them. Maybe with all these rats and mice a plague is upon us! haha I wonder if anyone else is having rodent problems? - J

lauradodson said...

gracious sakes alive i am cracking up. in the DRYER!?!?! i would have brought the house down with my screams had that happened here... and before that, freaked out at the sight of a baby carrying a dead mouse. you're so brave. you should see how i've scarred our boys for life over bugs!