Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye Rose

Rose Pierce

? 2008 - January 2009

Rose, today we mourn our loss. What can we say about the old hen? She was extrodinary in her own ordinary way. She was adventurous which might have led to her untimely death; though we believe her act was one of bravery. She was working for the good of the flock and learned the hard way, crime doesn't pay. Yes Rose you were seeking provisions, a tasty pellet of your very own. Never mind that you flew the coop to get it. Death at the jaws of one of our own.

Rose do know that your death may not be avenged, but the others have learned their lesson...stay off the porch when Sierra was there first.

May you Rest In Peace!


LaurieLC said...

What a beautiful eulogy for a member of your farmily (no I didn't misspell that!)

Melissa said...

We too lost a chicken yesterday. Then there was one. I must say that Noah telling me another chicken died, was way less traumatizing than Richard telling me all of them had. I guess I have been hardened by the realities of poultry.

amanda said...

lol. too funny.