Thursday, January 8, 2009

A boy and his Papa...

I was not invited to this event. You see, I am the mommy, not the Papa. I don't drive tractors (at least not the big ones), launch rockets, or cut wood. I am the mommy, not the Papa. I don't get a running welcome when I've been gone, there is not almost daily chatter being spoken about me, and I am not thought of as having the ability to make the whole world turn. I am the mommy, not the Papa. So...that is why when I spotted these two out on the pier next door I had to zoom in as much as possible to capture the faceless wave through barb wire fence...after all I am the mommy, not the Papa.

May you two share many more moments, even if they are without me.


LaurieLC said...

Those are the sweetest picture and you wrote about them so eloquently. Mommy has her own special momments...I'm sure of it!

lauradodson said...

:o) I really love it when my guys go off with Dad. I have no clue what occurs while they're being Men. They share a few stories when they come home, but not many. :o) I think that's how it should be... just between the guys.

Anonymous said...

Mine also gets lots of special times with my Dad..and I don't get the full story..BUT I do have lots of special times alone with him as well..and those are OUR times.

he said to me recently, "No offense Mom, but Grandad just knows me better because he used to be a boy."

and he also reacts to my Dad the way Moosekat does to his Papa..but when our boys are sick? They turn to Mommy.. :)