Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time for Tea

Can I post twice in one day?
I wanted to share a milestone in my experience as a mom....our first real china tea part!
Boo boo Princess and I used hand-me-down Hawthorn Bone China from the 1940's(?) to have a real bonafide tea party today. Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Tea for two

Say "chocolate and cranberry juice"

Not my best picture, but I needed a mother daughter!

This is what My Nator did while we had "tea." My Piggy was faithfully cleaning his room.


mom2four said...

awww, aren't these just the memories that motherhood are made of!

Molly Beth said...

She is getting so big. I can't believe it; it really hasn't been that long since I saw her. I also can't believe your youngest is younger than Cooper. What a chunk. Next time we are down in South Texas we'll have to come visit!

laurad said...

:o) good self portrait! love those.