Monday, August 25, 2008

An analogy if you will:

My 8 month old took up the pacifier the other day. He found one in his toy basket and decided to give it a whirl. As a tiny infant I could not get him to take a pacifier for anything. He suffered with terrible gas as did my daughter, but I could not convince either one that a pacifier would soothe their need to suck without adding milk to an already upset stomach. So at 8 months old he acts like he's been a pappy baby all along.

Here's what I am learning from this:

So often I know of my need for fellowship with my heavenly father. I know it is good for me. I know that his word will give me comfort it will soothe me. I know communication with him through prayer will strengthen me and lead me in his everlasting way. So why is it that I can not be convinced to spend quiet time each day with the Lord? Is it the quiet or the time that turns me away. Maybe both.

I think silicon was the main deterant for my son as he would never take a bottle either.

While fellowship with God of any kind is not fake I often use my time in Christian books as a substitute for real quiet time. I keep my mind full of thoughts and ponderances (is that a word?) so as not to allow for quiet.

As to the lack of want to spend the time...I can come up with a million excuses. But that's just what they are and I'm sure by God's standard they would fall under the wood, hay, and stubble category.

God, help me to spend quiet time alone with you each day. I can not say what that time should look like (morning, night, mid-day kids nap) but I know that you want fellowship with me and that it should start with a committment to what you have given that is good for me. Just like my son has learned that a pacifier can in fact offer him comfort and joy, help me to know that your word and your presence is comfort and joy to my soul. Thank you for your faithfulness!

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