Monday, August 18, 2008

Enough already!

Tired of hearing about chickens yet? Are you even reading still? Were you ever really...honestly...?

I'll take time away from the Golden girls to post something of a different nature.

I'm not sure how this pertains to any particular season in life, but it certainly speaks to the business of living.

My husband and I have been given very real and clear vision for following the Lord in our lives. Stick with me here and remember I too used to think this was nuts!

About a month ago I received passion (for lack of a better description) for the lost in our town. It was more of a "hey here's how we can reach them" type of moment. I shared my thoughts with my husband (Dave) with the understanding that what I felt like God had revealed to me was to be shared, prayed about, and waited on. Dave came back to me with a list of things he felt like needed to be done to prepare for whatever it was we were going to do...starting with being in close intimate fellowship with God. He assured me he had prayed and received the same passion and was ready to be open to the Spirit's leading.

We have since talked with many people who have the same vision for this town. They are passionate on fire men and women who are already seeking the Lord for the next step.

It's one thing to organize a group of people to go out and street preach or knock on doors and share the gospel. But it's a whole new level when you ask people to start praying for revival.

I have learned that Revival isn't so much about what happens to unbelievers as it is what happens in the hearts of believers. It's getting on your knees asking God for even the desire to see the lost saved. It's begging for the all consuming passion of evangelism to burn in your very soul. It's being willing to follow the Holy Spirit no matter the cost. It's trusting God above all. It's being so connected with the Heavenly Father that when you go about your day as you always have and run in to person after person who wants to join with you in praying for revival because their hearts are overflowing you can do nothing more than stop and Praise God!

That's where we are. God has made it UBUNDANTELY clear that we are following him in this. I have seen people receive a word from God as to how he wants them to serve only to fall away when they take their eyes off Christ and begin planning on their own. We want nothing more than the complete will of God in this matter. That will only happen through much prayer. Being sinful human beings that we are it is so easy to fall off track.

Pray for our community. Pray for the churches here. Pray for Unity. Pray that Dave and I will have nothing to boast in except for Christ and pray for the lost as we seek to serve them as Christ has served us.

If you want to know more please visit Dave's blog "Texan Calvinist" on the link to the right.

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mom2four said...

What an inspiring post. Our church is also praying for revival and healing in our land. We are a chuch that's huge on missions but feel that our own country needs some desperage outreaching now too!