Saturday, May 29, 2010


I love using the term "Score" whenever I find a great deal or an exceptionally perfect thing at the thrift store. So I was excited to see that term in conjunction with a super fun event

Score! is like a huge swap meet. It cost $5 to get in, you bring your unwanted things, then you can take as much as you can carry, all for free.

The sad part, it's only in NY. I don't live in NY. But, if someone is looking for a great venture and has some free time, PLEASE start one of these in TX and I'll be there!

On another note, here's my outfit today. I have been looking for an opportunity to wear an outfit centered around these fabulous sunglasses! I love them! I got them at an Antique store.

I'm going to my God sister's graduation party and I wanted to be dressed for being outside but also hip with the young scene;o)

Off to get things ready for my husband's surprise no longer a surprise birthday party tomorrow.

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