Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This has been the best mother's day ever for me:o)

This morning the kids (with dad's help) made me an amazing breakfast. I even got sweet tea in a wine glass.

I got to surprise my mom by going to church with her and giving her a gift certificate for a massage. The pastor facilitated a discussion of our first memories of women in the church (for us it was my grandmother, the organist and the real person in charge) and my brother sang like a girl to all the hymns. Until I poked him and told him everyone thought it was me so to STOP!

Then we went to lunch at our favorite burger joint and discussed (in a civilized fashion) the pro's and cons of various political and social moves.

After that grandma took the big kids home for a little bit so I could hit Ross up for some more work clothes. I hit it big getting two more pairs of pants, a dress, and a shirt all for $34.

I then came home to retrieve my big kids and receive a beautiful necklace symbolizing inner strength from my mother.

Now I'm home preparing to sew and blogging. Doesn't get much better than this. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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