Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I don't pray for patience as told by Shara in the form of a run on sentence

When I sit down to lunch after serving all the little ones around me I almost immediately receive a request for more of something, drink, food, napkin, ect to which I ponder the thought of telling them they must wait so that I can have a few minutes to eat but I put aside that thought knowing that the empty plate/cup/dirty face will remain that way as long as I procrastinate tending to it, so I instead decide to get up and deal with the issue at hand and most assuredly as I rise from the table, tummy still grumbling, someone (usually someone small) spills the contents of their cup either all over the table threatening the meal of all those surrounding it or on the floor which tilts ever so dramatically towards the east side of the house and the contents of said cup quickly runs under the refrigerator (or point of no return) if not hastily sopped up so I must first deal with the spilt liquids which usually cause me to forget why I got up in the first place but I need not worry about that as the original need will be proclaimed with shrill voices if not tended to in a timely manner so once I have cleaned the mess and poured fresh liquids into the cup of the one who cried mom first I take steps towards my seat in hopes that I might now be nearing nourishment of my own; however, as I sit I realize that I did not in fact refresh the cup that was spilt and the crackers I so lovingly buttered pre serving of the meal are becoming dangerously low in number threatening another need to be met, I decide this time to put aside these needs and aim for a few precious bites, that is when my 7 year old gets up from the table, washes out his own cup, and pours himself a glass of milk without even asking for my help...

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