Friday, September 18, 2009

Virtual Variance of Vestiture

I wanted a to wear over thin shirts so I didn't have to worry about having the right color bra. One that I could throw over a too tight or too short shirt. Something that gave me shape and form. One that Vivaciously Volumized my Voluptuous Vanity...ok, not really but I was going with the V's and yes I know I made up a word.

So here's my new denim vest. Total I spent about $15 on all the materials and if I had sat down and sewn it all in one setting it would have taken me maybe 5 hours.

I never claimed to be a model, so you get what you get:o) Also I haven't finished opening the button holes so I didn't do a view with all the buttons buttoned. Reason for that: you should not use seam rippers or the pinch and cut method to open button holes. It rips the fabric and causes frayed uneven edges. Instead get yourself a pair of button hole scissors (I don't have one yet). They have an open slot towards the back of the scissors that allows you to cut into the button hole without cutting the fabric beyond or behind the button hole. They are also adjustable so you get just the right size cut.

And, here is a sneak peek at the colonial costume. It is coming along quite nicely.


LaurieLC said...

Super cute vest!

Anonymous said...

vest looks cool, and a great practical idea..and, I think it is a great idea to enter the dress in the fair...maybe I will even it wear it to 4th of July Next Year..or maybe on New Year's Eve? haha - Juli