Sunday, September 20, 2009

The big reveal...well sorta

Here is the entrance to my "sewing room"

The "waiting area". Imagine this as a place for mom or friend to sit as the fitting is taking place.

Here is the desk at which I sew (duh) and my selves for thread, fabric, books, junk.

Here is Ethel, ain't she a beaut! She's a 1950's singer. A lovely piece of machinery and technically my first sewing machine. It was my mother in laws.

Here's Jennifer. She's sleek and new, but her performance does not compare to that of Ethel.

This my friends is Betsy. She is beautiful and wonderful and mine... A most incredible Craigslist purchase. So what if she's already been in to the shop once since I have had her. She is at least 20 years old, beautifully constructed. She and I have and understanding. Leave no seam un-finished!

Here is my lovely, totally awesome, custom made sewing table. The idea for this table was not mine. I took the idea from Mrs. Patty Young. I had my daddy build the table top for me. A better table (at a better price) could not be found!

This mirror is covering a lovely piece of memorabilia left behind by my brother in the years in which this room was his. It's a biohazard symbol. He did a good job painting it, but I didn't want customers to get the wrong idea;o)

Here is a bit more memorabilia. I was probably 12 when I put this puzzle together. My dad sprayed it and mounted it to this piece of wood for me. And there it hangs...still after 12 years.

This is the closet so that I can hang garments waiting to be worked on or already completed. The dress on the outside is the colonial garment I am still working on. The clipboard holds the cards of any customers projects I am currently working on. I am happy to say that I really do have work:o)

This is my prized (new) possession outside of Betsy that is. It is my seamstress grade Sapporo gravity fed steam press iron. I'll tell you a secret. It does magic!

Hmm...seems there was one more picture. The one of tweety bird painted on the door, but well I can't find it so that will have to wait for another post. Well, there you have it. My creative center!

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