Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello fashion world!!!

Today I start an apprenticeship with a 30+ year veteran seamstress who used to manage the tailoring department at Saks! Two afternoons a week I'll get to go to her shop and learn under her while I help organize her shop and finish projects.

I have to give you the background on how I was blessed with this position. For a couple months I have been contemplating doing something with my sewing hobby. I know I need more instruction on how to perfect the art and I feel like this could be a career goal; something I could work towards now while I'm raising my children.

After finding out that two years of fashion school would cost more than some masters programs I slowly drifted away from that option. My mom was encouraging me to contact our seamstress and see if she might be interested in teaching me in exchange for some help. I put the idea off for a while thinking surely she wouldn't want me hanging around pestering her.

Well Monday I finally got up the nerve to call her. She enthusiastically asked if I could come over and talk about it. That afternoon I headed right over and set it all up. Turns out she had asked God just that morning to send her some help. I'd already been petitioning God for direction in sewing as a career for me.

So in just a couple hours I'll head out to my new hobby turned job. Stay tuned, I look forward to sharing about all I learn!

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mynde_astray said...

Congratulations, Shara :)