Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday my Love!

Here are 30 reasons why I love Mr. Incredible (one for each of his 30 years).

1. You are tall dark and handsome

2. You make beautiful babies

3. You are a great father

4. You have a servants heart (and no that doesn't mean I want you to stack chairs)

5. You like to discover what you're good at

6. You take time to discover and show interest what I am good at

7. You are quiet

8. You are appreciative
9. You are trustworthy

10. You are kind

11. You are insigtful

12. You are real

13. You are willing to let God change your heart

14. You stand up for your convictions

15. You are honest about your feelings

16. You love me unconditionally (and that is saying a lot!)

17. You are sensitive to the way others are feeling

18. You hold my hand when we're on a date

19. You put me first (just below God;o)

20. You haven't shaved your head b/c I don't want you to even though you've wanted to for 2 years.

21. You like rap musik

22. You're not shy when people open up to you

23. You are bold when it counts

24. You shop for fabric with me...and enjoy it

25. You are messy (like me)

26. You're willing to compromise your wants for the happiness of your family

27. You take the trash up the lane...even at midnight

28. You are easy to shop for but you still make it fun

29. You let me sleep in almost every morning

30. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Amazingly this was not hard at all! I love you Mr. Incredible and I always will! God is so good to me. I look forward to celebrating the next ____ years with you!

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