Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seasons change

I made the decision to put my oldest son in a private school today. This is a MAJOR season change for me. Aside from day care my son has never attended a formal education school. I have been his teacher in pre-k, kindergarten, 1st, and half of 2nd grade...and I have the binders stuffed to prove it.

This was a completely appropriate decision for our family. Moosekat is a highly social kid and he was showing great signs of needing a different learning environment.

I'm not really scared to let him go. I know he'll be alright. The thoughts of "no one understands my kid like me", and "he's a talker" give me pause, but I still know this is right.

He's excited and I am too. A lot of things will change though.

I'll have two little ones at home that will really be getting to know each other. I will probably start concentrating on teaching Boo boo princess all the things her older brother had mastered by her age.

Though my Nator does not need anymore attention than he already gets...he'll be the man of the house during the day.

My day will be on a 8-3 schedule and there will be fewer late nights out for us.

So...seasons are changing again. Just wish it wasn't so cold around here...this isn't normal!

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Kori said...

So, what school will he be attending? I bet he is super excited! :-) I hope everything goes well for him! :-)