Friday, August 21, 2009


Well an update...since I don't blog very often.

My henna tattoo is fading and now blends in quite nicely with my freckles. I'm almost cured!

I'll be finishing my customer's dress today. She tried it on last week and loved it which is very exciting! I'll take pictures of it on a dress form to post.

Life has been crazy around here, but I love it! I really feel like I have a job for life as a seamstress now and hopefully one day to be called a dressmaker. Did you know dressmakers do not like to be called a seamstress? I do now;o) What's the difference? Well a seamstress mainly alters pre-made garments while a dressmaker creates, often from scratch custom designed clothing.

I'll be getting a seamstress grade iron any day now. I had no idea just how important one's iron was until I saw the magic Stella's professional pressing iron could do. I wont divulge all the secrets but know that I am on the path to professional pressing.

The children are all doing fine. Moosekat is chugging along in 2nd grade. Boo boo princess is doing some preschool and started dance classes this week. My Nator...well he's cute and almost 2 so that says a lot!

Anyway there's the 411 so you stay in the know.

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