Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shop Vintage

So I guess the "new" thing is vintage and vintage inspired clothing. Mixing and matching different periods and styles such as Classic and Bombshell are in. I happen to be in love with this fashion trend and I am all for the vintage thrift stores as well as the new clothing stores with vintage inspired pieces. Like Modcloth for instance.

Today I convinced my husband to walk around the nearby college town scoping out the fashion savy stores. Here's what we found

Strut - their website is a little vague, but they definitely had some neat stuff. All new, but vintage inspired and the prices weren't bad.

Emeralds - again their website doesn't showcase their clothing, but I could have spent hours in here, just trying on shoes. Their pieces are organized by color which is kind of different, but neat. Also, their prices seem to be reasonable to me. It seems as though college towns are the place to shop if you're looking for a good price.

Badabling - I loved this little shop! It is a consignment shop and most of their clothing is modern, but they had great prices. I got a pair of Gap jeans for $2. I didn't even bother to try them on it was such a great deal...(they fit perfectly). They also sell handmade one of kind jewelry. I'm to lazy to deal with all the bling, but this is where I'd shop for it if I wasn't.

There were several other shops all within walking distance of each other. A couple were strictly consignment and had some great vintage finds, but they will have to wait for a day when I do not have three children in tow. If you're thinking vintage at a reasonable price head to downtown San Marcos, you won't be disappointed.

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