Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring time makes me crafty

I got inspired by a store display I saw at Peir One (I think). Anyway I made this mobile for Boo boo princess out of left over scrapbook paper, my Cricut meachine, some clear thread, a knitting circle, and some left over tulle. Pretty!

Easter means, time to make a dress! Ok, not really it means a lot more than that! Boo boo princess picked out this pattern and material last week and I got to work!

Real eggs from our chickens.
She really lost her "glass slipper" this wasn't staged at all. Here she is telling me "mom stop taking pictures and help me put my shoe on!

As simple as this dress pattern was and plain too, I really liked the way it turned out with just a few adjustments. (Note the fairy God brother in the background working his magic on some fallen tree limbs. They quickly turned into princes calling the young princess to dance.)

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